Superbowl Squares

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NFL Playoffs Pool

$5 for all playoffs
  • Pick games each week
  • Predict Superbowl winner and loser with point spread at start
  • $1 per entry goes to the correct predictor of the Superbowl Winner
  • 2/3 of remaining goes to Winner of pickem pool
  • 1/3 of remaining goes to Runner up of pickem pool
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    Weekly Football Pickem Pool

    Current Week Leaders

    Player Correct Mon Tm PTS
    Maurice Cloutier 8 TB 51
    Adam Wright 7 TB 52
    Arthur Toussaint 7 TB 44
    Bill Lee 7 LAR 47
    Mark Fortier 6 TB 51
    Real Bosse 6 TB 42
    Jacob Spencer 5 TB 46

    Weekly Winners

    1Jacob Spencer14
    2Adam Wright15
    3Adam Wright10
    4Arthur Toussaint11
    5Bill Lee10
    6Maurice Cloutier11
    7Adam Wright11
    8Arthur Toussaint11
    9Maurice Cloutier11
    10Bill Lee11
    11Maurice Cloutier8

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