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Weekly Football Pickem Pool

Super Bowl Squares are sold out

Current Week Leaders

Player Correct Mon Tm PTS
Mark Fortier 13 WAS 39
Maurice Cloutier 13 PHI 42
Bill Lee 12 WAS 35
Adam Wright 12 PHI 48
Jacob Spencer 0 0 0
Arthur Toussaint 0 0 0
Real Bosse 0 0 0

Weekly Winners

1Jacob Spencer14
2Adam Wright15
3Adam Wright10
4Arthur Toussaint11
5Bill Lee10
6Maurice Cloutier11
7Adam Wright11
8Arthur Toussaint11
9Maurice Cloutier11
10Bill Lee11
11Maurice Cloutier8
12Maurice Cloutier12
13Adam Wright11
14Adam Wright12
15Jacob Spencer13
16Mark Fortier11
17/td>Mark Fortier13

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